AKINGSNY is a New York-based brand that elevates the standards of avant garde/streetwear fashion and lifestyle, particularly through their J-curved design in their denim.

Alan King (Alan Cheung), the founder of AKINGSNY, sees the brand as a means to stir conversations of the purpose behind millennial denim. With the progressive decline in traditional manufacturing of quality denim, AKINGSNY pushes to bring modern technology closer to traditional production of raw denim to allow for quality denim that still speaks the language of modern culture.

Alan first started with tees and hoodies, but eventually he put the pieces together for his signature J-cut denims that quickly caught fire among raw denim fanatics. Through its curved inseam, the jeans preserves the stacks throughout the lower half of the jeans, which gives a particular look that is sought after, especially in the sneaker community. The intricacy of design and the level of quality is not something that we can find in everyday jeans like Levi's.

In their most recent NYFW popup event in collaboration with Khoman Room, AKINGSNY went beyond displaying their exclusive jeans with a show case of .925 oxidized silver rings, faux fur outerwear, and leather luggage bags. This was a manifestation of the brand's willingness to explore working with distinct textiles.

AKINGSNY's latest drop include denim that have fundamental features of their original designs. At the same time, these items individually hold something different that gives them their own bold character. Their unique stitching is exemplary of why the details matter.

You can expect AKINGSNY to continue to push denim culture and tip conversations of fashion through their unique products and collaborative works with other brands and aritsts. Check out their collection, and you'll see why you would want to trash your Levi's.

Isaac Jeong