Simply put, Khoman Room is bringing high fashion into "everydaywear" for the high lifestyle. In their recent collection, many of their products have hidden pockets to hide the goods, which is attractive to the cannabis-loving audience. But their intention goes beyond just the lifestyle. 

"A general way to describe our products would be 'statement staples'. We want to make fashion more accessible at an emotional and conceptual level", says Wow Khoman, the founder of Khoman Room. By producing items that allow consumers to fully connect with their purchases, the brand pushes for a fuller experience, which, in turn, would influence consumers to buy higher quality clothing at a lower quantity.

In regards to the brand, Spencer Ahn, Co-founder of Khoman Room, describes it as a metaphorical art gallery where "we are the curators and our garments are the art pieces" with the intention of creating a platform to collaborate and create with other artists and designers. "We want to shift fashion away from the traditional approach where the creative director is given the spotlight. Instead, we want the spotlight to be shared with those who deserve the recognition."

Col. 002 "Reanimist", which was released earlier this year, was a manifestation of the brand's intentions. The designs of the garments heavily took inspiration from Thailand, Wow's place of birth, and secular Buddhist culture.

One of the main references is a traditional method of Thai tattooing called Sak Yant, which was originally given as blessings by Buddhist monks to individuals who hoped to reform their lives. These tattoos were thought to have talismanic properties and offered the wearers protection and good fortune. 

Dogs were also a big inspiration for this collection, which was born from the collaboration with Daniel Chang Christensen. "With a constant presence of dogs and their owners, I believe that owners and enthusiasts share a sentiment that dogs are very emotional and human creatures," says Spencer. "The dogs on the garments represented a similar principle to the Sak Yant tattoos in the sense that they provide a sort of animistic property when wearing the motif. "

But the story behind the birthing of their Col. 002 goes beyond the influence of Thai and Buddhist culture. "It was in June 2016 that I took over the company and I let my partner go because, to put it lightly, he was not the best person to have as a partner for the brand. On top of that, I was overwhelmed because my grandfather had just passed away and I was going through immigration hell."

Spencer Ahn had recently joined the group as an Assistant Designer amid the chaos. Without giving in to the pressure, Wow, Spencer, and their two interns, Sophie and Orrin, gathered ideas that eventually developed into Col. 002.

"We decided that this collection can't just be a reflection wallowing in what we've experienced and already know—it needed to say something, show something, and make shit better," says Wow. "As much as the first collection came from ideas about struggle, the thesis in our second collection was about striving for redemption and fighting against whatever in life that brings us down."

Check out work on their Instagram, and head over to their online store to purchase some 'high' fashion goods.

Isaac Jeong