Zippers on Pants Legs: Will It Stick Around?

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  JIMMY RAW DENIM  with zippers

JIMMY RAW DENIM with zippers

On our Jimmy Raw Denim, we've sewed high quality Riri zippers at the bottom of the pants legs. The silver zipper adds a touch of grunge and provides for a more flexible experience in maintaining your stacks. Also, for those who have trouble putting pants on with small leg holes will definitely have a smoother experience with these. I personally have had pleasurable experiences wearing these jeans, and I thought the zippers on the outer part of the leg pants helped me step my styling game up.

But the question is, will zippers on the pants legs stick around? It definitely had a rise in popular over the past few years, especially in the hypebeast/streetwear community. In my opinion, I think it will come down to two factors: the utility and creativity.

By utility, I mean how useful will these zippers be in the long run? The utility depends on how fashion trends change over type and how these zippers can be of use in those situations. Generally, human bodies won't change over time, but the articles that we put on our feet and areas around the ankles might. Although this is a shot in the dark, perhaps shoe styling in the streetwear community will change in the direction that would be favorable for these zippers. After all, we've seen a rebirth of chunky dad shoes towards the later half of 2017.

I also mentioned the topic of creativity. In regards to pants, there are certain limitations on how creative you can get due to physical constraints of the human body (we have 2 legs and that will never change). The zippers on the pants legs could be a white space for people to get creative (e.g. different zipper styles, material, zipper design), and perhaps one of these will stick in the market.

While the fact remains, that it's nearly impossible to guess in which direction the market will go, perhaps that's the beauty of it as it allows for opportunities for newer ideas to stick.

So what do you think, zippers stay or go? I am eager to hear your opinions in the comments below.