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Jeans tailored for every body, male or female.

Fashion as a whole has very firm lines that differentiate between the garment for men and the garment for women. In the past a man wearing a women's shirt or a women wearing means pants would have been seen as both socially unacceptable as well as ill fitting. As society pushes forward with more progressive notions of gender, so does fashion, and examples such as women wearing baggy cargo pants (traditionally thought to be a men's garment) or men wearing very cropped tops or skin tight clothing (traditionally seen as a women's silhouettes) become more common than ever.

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AKINGSNY focuses on attention to fit and detail, and this active pursuit and perspective have allowed them to create a product that universally meets the human body well. The denim is cut narrowly through the thigh which allows for stacking and a tailored fit for men, but, for a woman's figure, the denim hugs their legs and compliments their figure. Towards the calf the jeans begin to curve more dramatically while remaining tailored, while not being skin tight. This allows for the denim to naturally stack up the leg, regardless if the wearer is male or female.

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Thanks to influencers and brands alike, a progressive change is found in both female and males wardrobes. We hope to see more brands like AKINGSNY who's focus on fit and fabric contributes to the disassociation of male and female clothing.