Why We Choose Japanese Denim


If you've noticed, a lot of our denim is made from either Japanese or Italian fabric. Why don't we just get cheap fabric from a factory that mass produces these? I think you already have an idea, but digging into the origins of our Japanese denim will connect the dots regarding the values of our brand and how we manifest them through our work.

Japan is center for premium denim production, and the culture in Japan is so fitting for producing products with such attention to detail and authenticity (being half Japanese, I can speak from experience). Reading through this article, I've noticed a couple of things about these denim mills.

1. These mills have been in business for several decades, some dating back to 1841. Many of these mills have been innovative in the ways that they produce denim, creating several patents on machines built to improve the dyeing and weaving processes.

2. Foundations of these mills are based on the quality of production. Nihon Menpu Mill is a prime example, where they live by the yarn-by-yarn philosophy of denim production even throughout the height of mass production. 

3. Their commitment to authenticity and innovation is intriguing in some sense. We live in a world where the mentality "quick and easy" is so prominent, especially in the fashion industry. The amount of dedication that these mills have is certainly not something common we come by in this age.

So, how does this fit with our brand's value and standard? We firmly believe less is more, quality is always over quantity, and authenticity can never be forged. The quality that is brought forth in denim by the Japanese denim mills is one that aligns with our standards. Good things in life cannot bloom without dedication and patience with a constant drive to innovate and reinvent. 

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