What the hell is Fanola anyways?

 Image from Fanola USA Official Instagram

Image from Fanola USA Official Instagram

Fanola was one of our sponsors at our popup event a few weeks ago. After reading this blog, it makes sense how Alan built a relationship with a brand like Fanola.

Fanola is a hair product line that creates hair products specifically for those that have colored hair. Fanola works with hair dressers to make the optimal hair products to be used by hair dressers at their salons.

From shampoo made specifically for grey, super-lightened, or discolored hair to color creams to protect hair color quality, the team at Fanola put together products that will be beneficial for colored hair in the long run.

When we think of colored hair, the first thought that might pop up is, "Oh man, I wonder how much damage that hair has gone through..." While that might be partially true, washing your hair with sulfate based shampoo is probably not nearly as good for your hair as you think. With a team of visionaries working to change the ideas revolving hair artists, Fanola reinvents the whole experience of living with a colorful hair.

Check out their Instagram for the magic they do on people's hair!

Check out their products by clicking on the images.

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