Crosby Velvet Shirt for Any Occasion

2 min read

What's great about the Crosby Velvet shirt is that it doesn't give an over-the-top look, but at the same time it would be completely appropriate to wear this on a night out (or pulling all nighters at the studio).


When I imagine clothing made from velvet, it's either short dresses for an NYE party or a tracksuit that DJ Khaled wear in his music videos. Same material, but two polar vibes. Similarly, this shirt could give off the impression of either "boujee" or cozy depending on how it's styled. 

In the picture below, we have @nyclavish styling the Crosby shirt in a more comfortable street look. Chris Lavish's outfit would be my go-to look for this item if I were to stroll around SOHO on a Saturday afternoon followed by a dinner with some friends in Chinatown.


If you wanted to go to a night party, layering would be the right idea. A cropped, distressed black sweater to go over this shirt with a pair of ripped jeans would suit well. For a classier look, you could just go with a blazer and a couple of slim fit trousers. 

Is purple too bold for you? This shirt is also available in black on both long sleeve short sleeve.



Isaac Jeong