Understanding the J Cut

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The trends in how we wear our jeans have changed throughout time. A lot of trends in fashion have been influenced by artists from various genres, especially through hip hop. From saggy jeans that hang way below the waist to skinny jeans that mold tight around your legs, denim designs have evolved many times throughout the past few decades.

Nowadays, the focus in the design of denim wear shifted to how the products molded around the structure of the body, placing fit and comfort at higher priorities. So, what's with the J shaped jeans?


Before we thread through the concept behind the design, it's important to note the trend of stacking jeans. Couple years back, Kanye's collaboration with A.P.C. came out with jeans that maintained the slim look, but had a bit more length on the inseams to create stacks around the ankles. Other trendy hip hop artists pushed this look, and it became a thing. You can definitely achieve the stacked look by grabbing a pair of raw denim with slightly longer inseam than you would normally buy. The issue comes down to, "How can I keep these stacks from looking like stacks of belly fat?". 

Google has all the answers, and apparently, one way to keep stacks on stacks is duck taping the inside of your jeans along the pants legs (link). Holy stacks. 

This is where the J shaped jeans come in. The J shape allows you to create evenly distributed stacks. Best part, you won't have to worry about losing them. Specific tailoring and premium denim material will help you keep your attention on stacking paper (or whatever you're stacking), not re-stacking your jeans.

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