Tips on Travelling Efficiently Like AKINGSNY

3 min read

If you're like Alan and the rest of the team, you probably do quite a bit of traveling throughout the year. With tight schedules and the constant stream of work to be done, you can't afford to risk the variability in wait times, especially if you're the type to show up 5 minutes before the doors close to your flight. Disclaimer: this is not a comprehensive travel guide, but just a few quick methods that AKINGSNY use to travel efficiently.



Although the methods below will cut out a lot of time, this one, in particular, is the most significant variable. Checking in your bags will defeat the purpose of applying the other tips because we can never guess how long it will take for the bags to roll in through the carousel. This scenario means that you're going to need sturdy bags to hold all your stuff. Check out GLOBAL 55, our latest duffel bag that's designed for travel. Finessing 4 carry-on bags is an acquired skill (typically you're allowed one or two carry-on's), but I hear that if you tie everything together, it's one item (worth a shot). 

GLOBAL 55 Duffel Bag

2. TSA Pre-check & Global Entry

We all dread waiting in the security line, having to take off everything besides our shirt and pants. This is especially a huge hassle if you layered up for the trip throughout the colder seasons.

With TSA Pre-Check, you never have to remove your shoes, laptops, etc. and plus you typically wait like 5 minutes as opposed to 30+ minutes. 

Global Entry is particularly useful for those who travel internationally quite often. As opposed to going through all the paperwork for customs when you enter back to the States, you got straight to a kiosk to finish all the processing at once and you're out the door. 

3. APEC Business Travel Card

For those that travel to Asia for business purposes, this might come in handy. This program is similar to Global Entry except that it's dedicated to airports located in Asia. Plus you get access to expedited immigration processing.

There are plenty of other express membership programs available for different regions (e.g., NEXUS for Canada), and you should choose the right ones that fit your most frequent travel routes. Efficiency is something we put at the top of our priorities, and hopefully, these tips can help you focus your attention on your craft/tasks, not on your worries if you make it in time to your next destination.