Travel in Style with AKINGSNY Luggage Collection

Video by Tony Pillow

Believe or not, just as people make conclusions solely based on how you dress, people probably do the same based on the type of bags you use to carry your luggage. Although this sounds superficial, I think there's a slight truth to it that deserves some attention. I don't personally dress or carry items to impress anyone, but I do hold myself to a certain standard when it comes to my appearance. With that said, let's dig into the items presented in the video.

Photo Feb 26, 18 49 24.jpg

Starting with the duffel bag, we have a super sleek, all premium leather GLOBAL 55. The feel of the leather on this big was the most notable feature in my opinion. Sturdy and reliable zippers are a must as we can't have bags exploding in the middle of our trips. Although it's not currently listed on our shop, this can be specially requested (email Alan for the order).

Next, we have the not-released carrier luggage bag customized with premium zippers with ALAN KING embroidered on them. Black cover material matches perfectly with the GLOBAL 55. 360 rotating wheels are a must for any carrier bags because travelling is miserable without them. Honestly, I'm serious considering getting one myself since one of the wheels on my travel broke is on the verge of popping off.

Hope you've been enjoying the video features that we have on the blog. Comment below on the type of content that you want! We'll be sure to deliver.