Top 5 sunglasses for this summer


Gosha Rubchinskiy


It's only been a couple of days since Gosha Rubchinskiy released his new Spring/Summer 2018 collection.  Among these items, I spotted these chrome frame sunglasses.  The bright pink lenses caught my attention immediately.  For the most part, I like minimilistic designs and dark colors.  However, these sunglasses sold me in their slim chrome design and the bright pink color of the lenses.  If your looking to add little more color to your style, try adding some colored sunglasses to your accessories.  

Price $325

MYKITA Mykita x Maison Margiela 'MMESSE014' sunglasses.jpg


Maison Margiela

Following the bright colored frame style, Mykita partners with Maison Margiela and releases the 'MMESSE014' sunglasses.  Once again we see the slim metallic frame holding the lenses in place.  However, these lenses feature a trapezoid silhouette with a baby blue color.  I like these glasses because they'll pair well with my dark colored aesthetics but will also function with any colored button down shirts for this summer. 

Price: $463

Gucci_Round-frame metal sunglasses.jpg


Round-frame metal sunglasses

The Gucci round-frame metal sunglasses are a statement themselves.  The sunglasses have the words "L’Aveugle Par Amour" (Blind for Love) around the lenses.  There's no doubt people will turn their necks at the sight of these Gucci sunglasses.  One of my favorite features from these glasses is the golden bees on the opposite side of the glasses.  Walk out with these sunglasses and you'll be the light of attention anywhere this summer.  


Acne Studios Ingrid tortoise transparent:grey degrade are cat eye sunglasses in bold colourways..jpg


Ingridh tortoisetransp/grey degrade

Straying away from the round frames, Acne Studios' cat eye'd sunglasses feature a two tone frame.  One half of theses sun glasses follows a black and brown pattern while the other half if fully transparent.  I like the way the edges of the frames point out wards.  It's a different style than what I am accustomed to, but the contrast in tones allow for versatility in styles.  


Warby_Parker_Wave III.jpg

Warby Parker


If you liked the cat eye'd sunglasses design from Acne Studios but aren't willing to splurge, I got you.  Warby Parker has a similar silhouette in a darker color way.  Warby Parker is known for it's top notch quality and aesthetic design, so you're paying for durable sunglasses.  Pair these sunglasses with a wide arrange of colors and you're all set for those long summer days.