Recent news have confirmed that Cellebrite, an Israel based company, has the ability too unlock every iPhone up date, yes including the iPhone X.  The Israel firm disclosed to its customers that it has the ability of infiltrating past the devices' security on every iPhone model running on iOS 11. One of their most loyal customers includes various U.S Governmental enforcement agencies such as the FBI and the Secrete Service.  

Cellebrite can "retrieve the full file system to recover downloaded emails, third-party application data, geolocation data and system logs. Agencies can either provide the device already unlocked, furnish the known passcode, or use Cellebrite’s Advanced Unlocking Services to unlock the device", according to a Cellebrite spokes person.  "Once the device is unlocked and/or extracted, it is returned to the originating agency. Any extracted data is also sent to the agency in encrypted form to ensure privacy and protect operational information."



Bryan Leon