Styling Tips for Our Latest JAMESON

After much anticipation, our latest collection of raw denim has arrived at our office. Upon finishing up on some QA, these should be ready to go.

JAMESON is one of the addition to our raw denim collection, and its somewhat minimalist but particular design need to be maximized for its potential to level up your styling.

Here are three different ways I would style these pair of jeans.


1. Geometrics and Patterns

By this I mean going with geometrical patterns, whether it's more lines, squares, or some geometrical shapes on the design of the other parts of the outfit.

To paint a clearer picture, CLavish mastered the look here.

He wore a patterned sweater layered with a long coat and finished off with a pair of brown loafers.

While the outfit's color scheme lay in neutral tone colors, the hat and shoes give points of focus for the eyes.


khoman 1.JPG

2. Chic Button Down

The goal of this styling is to complement the jeans in a way that will bring the best out of both the top and bottom pieces.

Specifically, I would put on Khoman Room's "Sacred Hands" Button Down. With its creative design, it will definitely have eyes drawn to the person wearing this piece.

At the same time, the JAMESON won't be disregarded.

Finish it off with a pair of snake skin boots from MISBHV.


3. Plain Tee

Most of the time, I like to keep my outfits simple by having items that are versatile with a wide variety of styling options.

I would just go with a plain solid colored tee produced with premium cotton. 

John Elliot makes some great premium tees that are worth the investment.

I would go with either the Curve U Neck in Sage or Basalt Tee in Wash Army.


Hope you found this blog helpful.


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Isaac Jeong