Stop neglecting your back and get the chair it deserves

We put the best and most comfortable pairs on our feet. We pay close attention to the article of clothing that we put on our body. We watch what we eat to make sure if eating a somewhat nutritious diet. Yet we give little attention to the chairs we sit on that support our backs.

After all, I'm sure most young adults, especially those that work a regular 9-5 sit around at least 10 hours a day according to an article from Washington Post. The article suggests that people should be standing desks to reduce the hours spent sitting (I personally think it helps me focus too). 

The argument of standing and working vs sitting on a nicer chair contends on different points regarding to our health. Yes, we should be moving around more, but we can't completely remove the time spent sitting down. So, we created a list of chairs that we found from different sources of reviews that might be helpful.

AFFORDABLE: Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chairs, $65

Ergonomics is key to make sure you don't strain your neck and shoulders from awkward posture. Bad posture also means a terribly annoying back pain is coming on the way (I can speak from experience). Seems like this chair would help do the job. If you're on a super tight budget like me, this might be the way to go.

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NOT GONNA BREAK THE BANK: DXR Racing Gaming Chair, $359

Alan says that gaming chairs are the way to go, which makes sense as these were designed for those who game for hours on end. $300+ might seem like a lot to spend on a chair, but let me tell you. Getting acupuncture and physical therapy is a lot more expensive than that. Plus there are plenty good reviews you can read on Amazon.


I'm no ergonomics or chair expert, but I definitely know that spending $1000+ on a chair is not the smartest idea. I just thought it was ridiculous and wanted to show our readers that these types of chairs exist.

NO MONEY? NO PROBLEM: Memory Foam Chair Pillow, $16

For those of you that have zero budget but have a lot of back pain, I recommend getting an upright chair and putting a cushion to reduce the pressure on your tail bone. It's not the cure to all your back discomfort, but it'll definitely help reduce the stress.

For those of you with back pain, check out our blog post regarding acupuncture and how it has helped me with back issues.

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