Roy Woods Pulls Up in Our Velvet Tee

Roy Woods, Canadian rapper/singer signed with OVO Sound, pulls up in our favorite velvet t-shirt. Woods is best known for his songs, "Get You Good" and "Jealousy", along with many other hits that he's put out over the past few years.

Roy Wood In AKINGSNY Velvet Tee

Roy Woods is styled with a pair of light blue distressed denim, a pair of trendy leather slippers, and leather shoulder bag. The fact that our velvet shirt is able to mold well with garments and accessories as fancy as the ones that Roy Woods have, it shows the quality and versatility of the velvet shirt.

If I had it my way, I would put on a pair of Gucci Slippers, a pair of AKINGSNY Kyle Cargos, and a clutch bag by Balenciaga.

The velvet shirt should be styled with garments for luxury looks and high-end wear. In my opinion, I don't think this type of texture would go well with a pair of sweats from Champion.

Other brands that I could suggest is ACOLDWALL, MISBHV, and Han Kjobenhavn.