Reebok X AKINSGNY 2018

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Describe your style. What does your style say about you? - Reebok

Casual streetwear & comfortable. Unique and daring. People will make their first impression based on your style/fashion before they even talk to you. 

Did you know that Alan made it to one of the posters for Reebok's most recent "Always Classics" campaign? Try to spot him here.

To celebrate the heritage of the Reebok Classics, the brand brought together several artists and influencers that dare to push the boundaries in their respective fields. Featuring artists from celebs such as Lil Yachty and Ariana Grande to artists like Felipe Pantone, Reebok will be working to display what originality and being "classic" means for these artists.

Within our brand, we promote individuality, originality, and daring personalities. We work with many individuals who have done things their way, those that have the courage to express in a way that they believe is true and original. We want to take this opportunity to celebrate those have taken the unconventional paths to manifest their creativity and passion through their work.

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