Recap: NYFW Popup with AKINGSNY

2 min read

Another round of NYFW at AKINGSNY, another successful NYFW popup event.


The AKINGSNY team would like to show our utmost appreciation to all our supporters that showed up to The House of the Creative event. It's humbling to see the amount of support that we get and it inspires us to do more. We would also like to say thanks to our sponsors that came through for our event: Matchabar, Essentia Water, and Fanola USA.

With our anticipated list of respected creatives and influencers, we ensured this event was one to remember. As opposed to a typical fashion show, we decided to hold an interactive event where people had time to socialize with our team, influencers, and locals.




At our event, we featured new denim silhouettes (all available for pre-order here), .925 silver rings, and luggage bags.

Our rings were among the most popular items at the event.  The collection included four rings; all made from .925 oxidized silver.  Fans took pictures and shared Instagram stories with the exclusive accessories. 

Another favorite of the event was our collection of vegan full fur coats (as featured on Alan King).

We've had the pleasure of hosting an interactive pop-up shop; allowing fans the chance to preview our Fall/Winter 2018 collection.  We also proudly shared work that our team had been putting together for the past few weeks.


As always, we work to produce an experience that's unique and relevant to our supporters, from clothing and accessories that we design to the content we create through different forms of media. We hope to always exceed expectations and inspire those in our vicinity to always do more.