Krop Kyle Cargo vs Kyle Cargo Pants

 Krop Kyle Cargo worn with Adidas X Rick Owens Ro Runners

Krop Kyle Cargo worn with Adidas X Rick Owens Ro Runners

This is an argument of whether you should rock our cropped version of Kyle Cargo Pants, Krop Kyle Cargo. Kyle Cargo Pants was one of our most popular items last season, so we decided to come through with a variation to suit better with warmer seasons and add variety to our collection for you to step up your styling game. Here's a breakdown of the key differences between the two (and why I prefer the Krop).

1. Visuals

This one is pretty obvious, but I want to make a point from a styling perspective. Cropped pants can be dangerous for those that aren't above average height as it could make your legs seem shorter. As someone with short legs (due to bowlegged figure), it is something I have to be mindful of. 

BUT that depends on how the pants fit and flows around your legs. From my experience, pants that are slim fit like the Krop Kyle does not present any danger in this regard. Since the pants rise slightly above the ankles, it is a good opportunity to either show off your collection of socks or display your high-top sneakers in full view. 

2. Fit & Comfort

Pants aren't the most comfortable during the summer months, but it is definitely easier to style than with a pair of shorts. Cropped pants make it slightly more bearable to walk in as it provides some room for the air to circulate better. As far as movement/flexibility goes, both pants are the same as they have very similar designs with identical production materials.

Overall, I prefer the crop style over the regular mostly because of the way it looks on me and how comfortable they feel. Plus it's definitely appropriate to wear it throughout all seasons.

Hope this post helps you decide which to rock this spring/summer season.

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