Discovering Denim: James Stretch

2 min read

AKINGSNY is known for our J curve denim, jeans that are tailored specifically to maintain the stacks all year long. Streetwear culture points out the need for a significant amount of stacks on your jeans for your #fitpic. 

Typically, AKINGSNY sticks to raw denim material for their J curve denim as it holds the shape better than other forms of denim. JAMES STRETCH, made from Italian Cotton, allows for more movement and comfort. Personally, I like to have a bit of elasticity for my pants, so I don't have issues with mobility.

Styling Tips (all $100 or below)


Converse 70s High Top (cream or white), Vans Old Skool LX VLT (leather), Reebok Classics (off-white)


Undefeated Black Crewneck, Matte Perle Oversized Hoodie (black), Fuck Art Make Tees Yellow Hoodie


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