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 Alan King with Chris Lavish on Jetsmarter plane.

Alan King with Chris Lavish on Jetsmarter plane.

So, Alan got JetSmarter for his 21st birthday. For those of you that aren't hip, let me break down what JetSmarter is and why this is really impressive for anyone his age.

JetSmarter is a subscription based shared flight service aka Uber for jet planes. The goal of the company is to connect frequent flyers like Alan King and Chris Lavish with chartered jet planes that would otherwise be left depreciating on the runway. (No, this isn't anything related to the Bow Wow Challenge) 

So, how does it work?

From what I read in this blog, seems like there are two types of membership available: JetSmarter Smart for $15,000/year or Sophisticated Tier which is around $50,000/ year with a 3 year commitment. 

With JetSmarter membership, you can hop on a ride to major cities across the U.S. for minimal or no fee. Alan's membership allows him to flow all over the east coast for free everyday of the week. He can also take on a friend or two on an empty leg flight for free (I'm waiting for my turn to ride in one of these.)

However, for a member even on a smart member tier you have regularly "shuttle" routes such as Miami to New York and vice versa that happen on a regular basis weekly. 


These free flights are usually called empty legs are flights that are usually on their way to a chartered flights route. For an example a client may have booked a flight from New York to Miami and the jet arrived in Miami and then gets booked out to pick up a client in Atlanta. When this happens an empty leg goes up on the app from Miami to Atlanta. These flight is something a private jet already has to fly but is doing so at a cost coming out of the client who booked them in Atlanta. What Jet smarter does is book out an agreement with these charters to get access to these empty flights to offer to their members for free. 

Shuttles are flights that are regularly scheduled between one city to the next, either by Jetsmarter or by a client. A Shared charter is a flight someone has booked the entire jet out and then put up for sale on their site. (These are the seats that are paid.) On even the smart membership you are able to fly for free on these shuttles within a 3 hour radius. 


A major caveat is some of these empty leg flights are random, and availability usually pops up within 24 hours of departure. If in the case that your booked flight gets cancelled, like it did for Alan on his trip back from Miami, you get booked for a free first class flight. That sound's like a deal to me. 

The membership also offers a ton of perks such as a complimentary Founders Card, Hotel Status upgrades, discounts on car rentals, club access to co working spaces around the work as well as county clubs. 

Who is it for?

Frequent flyers should consider it as they typically have regularly scheduled flights to all US major cities. With the option to also open your own private charter  to meet and can't depend on random flights popping up by chance. Plus if your bound to a lot of responsibilities at home, like a pet to feed daily, this is probably not the best option for you.

This works well for people like Alan who has full control of their own schedules. Power to the people with their own businesses. You can sign up with the code: 

As I stated before, this is really impressive for anyone his age. Quite inspiring to say the least, but also a good reminder to always invest in ourselves first before anything else.


SIGN UP WITH THE CODE: MMLHSM and receive $1,500 in flight credit + $2,500 off the intuition fee.  

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