AKINGSNY Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

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With the holiday season just around the corner, we've curated a holiday shopping guide that includes our most recent items that will be perfect for him/her.


Let's get cozy this holiday season.  Give a hoodie made from 100% brushed soft cotton for that special person that deserves nothing less than the best. 100% guaranteed he/she will love it. Available in 4 colorways.


2. Card Holder

We all know you're gonna whip out your cards quite often to buy tons of gifts (mostly for ourselves, am I right?). We might as well do it in style with this sleek card holder. Initials embroidery available to let 'em know who holds all the platinum cards. Two styles available: Broker and Tisci.


3. GLOBAL 55

We can't let anyone else hold all our clout items while we're on the go. Stay loyal to your belongings and keep them close by in latest duffel bag. 



4. Leather Tote Bag

It looks so good, someone might actually try to grab it off your shoulders. Use with caution. We can't guarantee your safety, but we can guarantee that all eyes will be on you.


5. Buffy Shearling Jacket

Designed for those who's constantly on the move even through the blistering wind. Help them stay strapped and cozy with this jacket.


These have not been released yet, but I'll give you my point of view as an insider of AKINGSNY: I PLAN ON GETTING ALL OF THEM. It seems like the symbolism within the designs is rooted within Far East Asian culture and mythology, but they all come back to a coherent message. Stay woke on AKINGSNY's stories on Instagram for a preview.

7. J101 Blue Denim

Blue has a lot of different shades, but and picking the right shade is essential. No worries. We have three options: PACIFIC, HENRY, and STEVEN. Quality denim for quality people.

8.  Daniels Denim Jacket

Denim Jackets are must-haves for anyone, but for some of us, we love standing out from the rest. Details aren't just the details. Details make the product, which makes this perfect for someone who has a keen eye for details.


Keep it simple to a T with the AK Tee. You can't go wrong with this gift idea.


For coffee lovers. For people with a message. Have them start their day with this ugly mug. #UGLYFORSALE


Happy shopping this holiday season!


Isaac Jeong