High-end Footwear to Pair with JAMES J101


We've selected a variety of footwear that will pair well with JAMES J101 (link to product). Chunky sneakers and hi-tops are prominent in this post primarily because our J cuts tapers down around the ankles while leaving a good chunk of stacks. Sure, flat sneakers could work, but let's be real. Sneakers like the Adidas X Raf Simons Ozweggo looks more boujee than a pair of Stan Smiths. We've also curated sleek boots to add different vibes to your outfit.

1. Adidas X Raf Simons Ozweggo III

If you follow us on Instagram, you see our founder, Alan King, rocking a pair of Adidas X Raf Simons Bunny Ozweggo with his J101's. With the neutral color scheme going on with the Ozweggo III, you could take your outfit a couple different ways: complement with more neutral layering or create contrast with bolder color schemes.

2. Rick Owens Drkshdw Hi-Top Sneakers

Elevating your looks with a pair of Drkshdw from Rick Owens is the move. Finish it off with darker shades, like our J10 J shaped Tee.

3. Fear of God Military Sneakers

While it's in different color from the footwear seen in the top image, these still retain the elegance. You could definitely substitute these for any thrifted army boots.

4. Acne Studio Julian Boots

Vibing for a classier look? These boots would a good choice. Great thing about our J cut denim is the versatility in styling options with different types of footwear, including boots like these.

5. Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots

This would fall under the category of clean looks to complement the jeans. Just like the Acne Studio boots, these boots will give you an edge, giving a different perspective on how JAMES J101 can be styled.

6. Jack Erwin Carter Wingtip Boots

Feel like wearing our jeans to work? Go for a milder looking footwear. You shouldn't ever have to compromise on your desire to wear these jeans.


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Hope these help bring some ideas on styling your pair of JAMES J101