3 Reminders For the Ambitious Hustlers

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At AKINGSNY, we love hustlers, we promote those that go beyond the norm to create something for themselves. We love working hard, and our endless to-do lists is a badge of honor most entrepreneurs wear proudly. This blog post touches on a few reminders that we should keep in mind throughout this journey.

Because we are in greater control of our endeavors, we feel the repercussions to a greater extent of both the good and bad events. Let's be real, we all have really bad days when nothing seems to go right. Most of us aren't willing to share those moments on Instagram even though those moments may be one of the biggest common denominator among everyone. 

Here are 3 reminders to keep in mind throughout those frustrating days.

1. Patience

This is probably the hardest one to practice in my opinion. We're so eager to get the ball rolling that we forget the fact that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Impatience will burn us out, so we have to make sure we prepare ourselves as much as possible for the ups and downs. Daily habits (e.g. meditation, writing in journals) help me keep in touch with my emotions and thoughts, which go a long way to help me get over those bumps.

2. Always think long term.

Some projects that we take on may not have the best immediate ROI (return on investment) , but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take on these projects, especially if they fulfill a part of our vision. That's not to say we should only focus on these types of tasks. After all, someone needs to pay the bills. In the end, we believe that all our current work should align in some way with our long term vision.

3. Take Mini Vacations.

Whether it's 30 minutes, an hour, or a few days, it's important that we take a moment for ourselves to reflect and audit our current efforts. Yes, you have a ton to do, but we don't want to run around like a headless chicken. I'm not talking about taking 30 minutes to look at your Instagram feed, but 30 minutes (or however long) of active recovery through activities that help you reconnect with yourself. If anything, those 30 minutes could make you a lot more productive for the next few days.

Keep Hustling. Always take care of yourself.

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