Editors Pick | Spring/Summer Shoes

As promised, I finally created a rather short list of low top shoes that will go well with our denim. Generally speaking, these will go well with anything in this spring/summer season. I tried to pick a few in lighter colors to match with the seasons as well as ones that could go beyond the warmer seasons.

I don't know about you, but my feet get super sweaty during the warmer seasons. Having a lighter pair, especially made of leather will definitely help with my situation. Once in a blue moon, I like to look a bit classier than my typical streetwear look so this will be a nice addition.

Looks really similar to the Gazelles, but I thought this had a touch of the original look that reminded me of my childhood (I guess because I was born in the 90's?). I need a pair that I can beat up without having to worry about stains and what not, and black is the safest bet for getting that done without my shoes looking like they went through a puddle of mud. 

I was so happy when Reebok came out with their classic collections. It has a hint of dad shoes vibe but modernized so I don't look like a fool when I rock these. As a streetwear stylist/enthusiast, it's important to have a versatile pair that can go with a lot of spring/summer streetwear looks.

I'm a fan of Tyler, the Creator for many reasons, one being the fact that he brings so much to the table when it comes to creating modern culture revolving fashion and music. These are probably the top pairs of sneakers I want for this upcoming SS18 season. If you're not vibing with the floral design, I guess you could go for the regular Converse One Star. In my opinion, these are snazzier. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below on your favorite shoes to rock this Spring! Would love to see your picks.