Dressing up the James Denim

Denim You can dress up or down.

Business casual has continued to be pushed further and further, with more socially accepted silhouettes being worn to workplaces, they would have previously had you sent home.

Garments such as Turtlenecks, mock necks and polo's have all become common attire in more corporate workplaces, all being pared with dress pants, chinos and more progressively, denim. Originally created for trade workers who worked with their hands, anyone from construction workers to cowboys would wear jeans for all their rigorous tasks on the job.  As fashion has progressed, the cuts of jeans have become much slimmer and more tailored, and as a result jeans have become more formal and appropriate in all settings. Typically paired with sneakers, t shirts, hoodies and flannels, we are starting to see more progressive approaches too styling jeans, that lean away from this street style aesthetic. 

Connor x akingsny - Waves II-2.jpg
Connor x akingsny - Jeans Product Shot-4.jpg

Pictured Here are the AKINGSNY J101 denim paired with a timeless white button down and Story et Fall western boots. This simple yet refined outfit has added dimension with the unique stacking effect given by the J101 denim. Dress pants are tailored to lie flat and not crease down the leg giving a clean, streamline look, however, when replacing dress pants with AKINGSNY J101 denim you achieve a much more aggressive and unique look. The Button down has been tucked into the jeans to further refine the outfit and give a more tailored look, while the jeans compliment the leather boots giving an look of elegance while remaining fashion forward. 

This simple and easy to wear outfit works in any situation, whether you are at work or out for dinner and is a needed change from the chinos and dress pants cluttering up the workplace. This look can be easily substituted for loafers or Chelsea boots and the button down for a turtleneck or a polo. With such a diverse range of options, we hope to see more denim worn to work, even when its not casual Fridays.