Denim Online Shopping Guide

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Quick Tips on Online Shopping for Denim

Shopping online for clothes can be difficult in cases where we aren't entirely sure how the item will fit us.

Of course, most stores offer free returns for purchases, but it's definitely a hassle if the item doesn't work out as you had wanted. This post shares few quick tips on buying denim (particularly the best denim available on the market, AKINGSNY denim).

1. Weight of Denim

One of the more common questions we might ask is, "Are these pair of denim more appropriate for spring/summer seasons or for fall/winter?" This is where the weight plays a role.

The weight of the product will tell us if the denim is more appropriate for certain seasons.

For example, our JAMESON RAW DENIM weighs in at 14 oz, which may be uncomfortable to wear in 80+ degrees.

For summer months, I would recommend something lighter, like our MERCER MOTO JEANS (11 oz) or PRINCE MOTO JEANS (11 oz). 

Generally, denim are thicker than wool, so it makes sense that it traps more heat as the weight of the denim increases.

2. Denim Type

The type of denim (raw vs. distressed) will determine breath-ability, or how much air flow you have.

Raw denim will not be so breathable, especially considering how stiff they are prior to being broken in.

Of course due the amount of open areas that distressed denim has, this is probably a far better choice for the summer.

I also talk about why I like crop fit pants/jeans in this blog  during the warmer seasons.


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