Considering going vegan? Here's our restaurant recommendations

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Alan didn't go full-vegan, but as you probably saw on his Instagram, he was "part-time" vegan for couple of months. You probably wondered about the places they ate, so here is our top five vegan restaurants that we recommend. FYI, these aren't in any order of preference.

 Peacefood cake - taken from Yelp.

Peacefood cake - taken from Yelp.

1. Peacefood - vegan kitchen and bakery. I love avocados, and I really want to try their tempeh avocado. They even have CAKES!

2. Jivamuktea Cafe - if you're looking for a chill place to sit down and take your time with your food, this might be a good option. I've always wondered what vegan desserts taste like. This place serves pancakes, pudding, and some pie.

3. Candle Cafe - light up your first vegan experience, no pun intended. With loads of pictures on their site showing what they offer, it's really helpful us non-vegans to visualize what we can anticipate.

4. Seasoned Vegan - going here is like going to Outback, except all the "meat" is made of soy. Go figure. 

5. Atlas Cafe - if you're looking for a place to go with your non-vegan place, this might be worth a trip. Serving both vegan and non-vegan comfort food.


Comment below on your favorite vegan places to go!