More Clout with the new AK Tees

Word on the street is that the latest AK Tees are guaranteed to helping you stack some serious clout tokens. "How?", you might ask.

Before we get too deep into clout talks, which I'll leave to the OG's, I think it's important to have everyone on the same page.

According to Urban Dictionary, a pristine choice for definitions of modern, social media driven English, clout can be defined as power or influence. 

"How does a t-shirt give you power, influence, or the power to influence?", you might ask. I think that can be answered with "How would it feel when you put on a fresh sweater by Raf Simons?" Yes, the one that A$AP Rocky wore. It's all in the same in the sense that it's the power of branding through different mediums, particularly via social media and the scale of audience that influencers attract. 

But definitely, that's not all because clout tokens do not revolve solely around the number of double-taps on phone screens.

As a fashion enthusiast myself, the clothes that I put over myself has a definite influence on how I feel in the moment. Some might argue that such thoughts are materialistic and borderline narcissistic, but just as some people are somewhat overly sensitive to the food they consume, fashion enthusiasts are overly sensitive to the items that they put over their skin. Now, each and everyone may have a different reason as to why it is so, but my reasons revolve around the brand image, vision, and the level of commitment to delivering on their promises. 

Oddly enough, if I believe that the brands have put exceptional effort to go beyond expectations in their delivery, there's a sense of empowerment in my ability to make the best judgment in not only picking out my outfits, but other important matters like deciding which dank restaurant to stuff my face. In my opinion, the feelings of self-control and self-approval are the core essence that lead us to power or influence AKA CLOUT TOKENS.

AKINGSNY's mission is to produce and deliver on high quality products with attention to every bit of super soft fine cotton cut and sewn meticulously so that you can focus on being a AKING/AQUEEN. 

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