Season's Must Have: Buffy Shearling


I don't know about you, but winter is my favorite season. Main reason being, I get to wear my favorite coats and jackets.

There are several features in a jacket that I look for when making my purchase, and I'll discuss how the Buffy Shearling jacket fit my needs (and probably yours too).


One of my favorite parts about the design for this jacket is the collar. Fun fact, insulating your neck will help keep you from shivering while you travel to your next location. The uber soft faux fur will house my neck against the blistering wind, and this is especially important because I can't be exposing my neck like that when I'm trying to make my way to AKINGSNY's new showroom located in SOHO. Being super sensitive to the cold , you best bet that I'll have my neck covered using the buckles stitched unto these collars.

Here's another reason why I dig this jacket: Riri zippers everywhere. High quality zippers so you don't have to fuss with your zipper for ten minutes. Let's be real, we've all had that struggle with some of our jackets, and it's one of those things I can't put up with. I can't have my hands freezing when I need to stay active on my phone, and neither can you. Fully functional zippers are non-negotiables. Also, having the zippers circle around the jacket adds a flash to this piece.


With its buffy and sleek look, this jacket is definitely one of those ready-to-wear pieces that lives up to its descriptions: ready to be worn to complement lots of variations in style. Versatility is a huge must for my wardrobe because I prefer quality over quantity. But hey, if you're into stacking your wardrobe with best, why not stack it with this jacket plus some clout?

Elevate your wardrobe and zip up with a Buffy Shearling to finesse above the rest.

Isaac Jeong