Best Bracelets For This Spring/Summer 2018



Crossed bracelet


Maison Margiela 

Buckle Chain Bracelet



Logo Wrap Bracelet 



A-Vlad Bracelet 



Buckled Bracelet

I think bracelets should be subtle and a compliment to the outfit you're wearing.  A simple sterling silver bracelet is enough to balance out colors and layers.  Werkstatt:Munchen's crossed bracelet is a prime example of a simplistic design.  It isn't flashy and overwhelmingly out there in your face.  I would pair this accessory with a white button down shirt, a pair of AK-05 CROP SELVEDGE JEANS , and black Rick Owens Geobaskets.

Price: $380


If you're looking for a balance between minimalistic and eccentric accessories, this one is for you.  It stays true to my preference to a silver tone, but strays into a thicker and bulkier silhouette.  Theres nothing wearing with this shape, and I like the buckle's western design.  I think this bracelet works well with a patterned shirt, some Mercer Motto Jeans, and some A.Posse White Gum Fultons

Price: $880


Leather accents are extremely versatile.  I recommend a leather wrap bracelet (preferably black) to go with any outfit wether formal or casual. This design in particular features the YSL logo and is a minimalistic touch to a monochriomatic style.  I think this bracelet compliments outfits that lean more towards darker tones.  A black and white patterned button down, a pair of Jameson Raw Denim, and a pair of leather Saint Laurent Wyatts.

Price: $345


A more affordable alternative to the Saint Laurent leather bracelet is the Diesel A-Vlad bracelet.  It maintains the sleek leather design, but adds metal rings on the bracelet.  I think it also stays true to my simplistic tastes.  I think this bracelet would pair excellent with a leather jacket, some JAMES RAW DENIM JEANS, and a pair of Balenciaga Triple S sneakers

Price: $35


I decided to stray away from the low-key and subtle bracelet designs for a bolder silhouette.  This time around, I leaned towards the Alyx buckled bracelet.  It maintains the leather wrap, but instead features a rollercoaster like buckle.  I found the buckle fascinating and a modern approach to outdated bracelets. Pair this bracelet with something more casual: an Off-White tee shirt, KhomanRoom sweats, and a pair of Golden Goose sneakers

Price: $233