Apple revives the MacBook Air for its 10th anniversary

As we arrive at the 10th anniversary of one of apples most succesful products, the MacBook air, the tech giant is expected to release the consumer favorite with all the new bells and whistles Apple has to offer.  

alan macbook.jpeg

But how needed is this new iteration?

But how needed is this new iteration?With its counterpart the MacBook Pro growing increasinly lighter and and portable over the years, with the last MacBook Pro coming in a 12 inch size similar to the Air,  many consumers question Tim Cooks reasoning for the release.

Apple having released MacBooks within the same dimensions (12 inches) of the infamous Air that didn't adorn the Air title have thinned the division between the Pro and Air. Furthermore, with the multi-touch track pad on the 2017 Pro, we were lead to believe this was Apples subtly way of blending the two MacBooks into one (as the touch track pad was first seen on the Air). With products seemingly made to lead us to the idea that we wouldn't see another Air product from the tech company, after this latest rumor we cant help but wonder if this is another attempt from Apple to charge up customers and new product that requires sold separately products to fully utilize them. For more on details on this potential release, check out this post. Do you think Tim Cook can revitalize this entrepreneur favorite, or is this just another cash grab from Apple? Let us know in the comments below.