5 Tips on not taking L's in 2018


Everyone naturally likes to reflect on the whole year as we start to see NYE right around the corner. It's excellent to recount on your best and worst experiences, along with the lessons you learned from them.

When it comes to starting the new year, people take one of two approaches. The most common method is by jotting down all your goals and envisioning the enlightenment that blossoms from your accomplishments.  Jotting down all your goals is a great practice, but doing this only on the first day of the year leads to the second approach: reminding yourself of all the goals you had set in 2014, which should have been accomplished by 2015, but now it's 2018. Don't be a victim of this pattern for another year.

The crew of AKINGSNY is a young bunch, so we might not have all the answers in life. But there are certain principles that we follow (or do our utmost best) that might be helpful for you.

1. Commit first, then figure out the rest as you go.

We always wonder if the decision that we are about to make is the right decision. In most cases, there is no right or wrong. Say yes first, and then figure it out as you wind through the challenges. Better to have tried than the wonder of what could have been.

2. Less if more. Always.

We're not talking about just about fashion or materialistic things. We have so many things we want to do in our lives, but multitasking will only spread us thin. Prioritize what you want to accomplish first, and work around that. I use the master plan guide by Josh Kaufman, a renowned author/entrepreneur, to help me narrow down.

In regards to fashion, I go for premium quality over excessive quantity, which is also a practice that AKINGSNY follows. Buy less of those Levi's, and buy one of our JAMES.

3. Try everything. Reassess. Try again.

You're going to fail at some point, but that shouldn't stop you from trying everything possible to reach your goals. Step back when things aren't going the right direction. Take another go at it with a different strategy. You've probably already heard this so many times, but it's always a good reminder.

4. Surround yourself with the right people.

One of the things that I notice about Alan, and a lot of people that go above and beyond, is that they surround themselves with the right people. Cut off those toxic relationships. You can't cut off your family (or at least you shouldn't), but you can manage how much attention you give them if it's necessary. Find the people that you can learn from, but always remember to provide value first.

5. Don't give up because there is no alternative.

The alternative of us not trying to reach our goals is, well, maybe there isn't an alternative. It's a long game. Nothing ever happens overnight as you may have heard so keep at it.

Don't look back now, and let's move forward.