Tour Series: 48 hours in NYC

 View of the city from Exchange Place Station.

View of the city from Exchange Place Station.

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There's way too much to experience in NYC, and 48 hours isn't nearly enough to catch a glimpse of even half of Manhattan. In this blog, we've curated 15 spots to visit, especially ones that will step up your Instagram game. We focused on touristy areas for readers that haven't had a chance to visit the Big Apple. The idea is to capture images of the most iconic spots to make sure your friends know where you've been without a doubt.

Disclaimer: if you're a New York native or have visited NYC multiple times, this list may not be too useful for you. Also, these locations aren't listed in any specific order.

Lower Manhattan

  • SOHO

Lots of shopping to do here, and maybe even stop by our office. With plenty of aesthetically pleasing building to use as backdrops, make sure you get a couple of shots in this area.

  • Chinatown

Tons of food spots in this area for those on a tighter budget. During the night, you can find a lot of neon lights to frame in your pictures.

  • World Trade Center Station (PATH) 

With an interesting architectural design, it's definitely worth visiting at least once. You many need to show up super early or near closing hours if you want a decent shot as this is a pretty busy station.

Near Central Park

  • Belvedere Castle, The Mall, Bethesda Terrace
 Taken at DUMBO.

Taken at DUMBO.

Central Park is one of my favorite places, especially during the warmer seasons. There's always interesting street performances and great music. 

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

I'm not much of an artist, but I could spend an entire day in here. With collections ranging from Medieval to Modern Art, there's plenty to see. 

  • Frick Collection

Another spot if you're looking to spend some time staring at still images and artifacts for hours. There's plenty of areas where you could obtain shots of yourself looking boujee. 

Near Midtown

These are scenery that you've probably seen in movies and Instagram posts. Make sure you angle your camera from below to capture the whole scene in your frame.

  • Flatiron Building
  • New York Public Library
  • Grand Central Terminal

Near Greenwich Village

I love tacos and pretty much all the food at Chelsea Market. Also, Washington Sq. Park is an iconic location to shoot.

  • Washington Square Park
  • Chelsea Market

Surrounding Areas

You've probably seen way too many shots at DUMBO, but it's absolutely necessary that you get yours. Views of the city across the Hudson River is also one of my favorite.

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Exchange Place Station
  • Any street with yellow cabs




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